“I have suffered with hay fever and allergies all my life. I play a lot of sport and I would be breathless after a few minutes of exertion.
Since I started attending the salt clinic I haven’t used my inhaler once. My sinuses and lungs are much clearer after only a few sessions.
Training and matches are no longer a problem for me. I would highly recommend anybody with respiratory problems to go to this clinic.”

Michael Byrne

“Really enjoying the sessions with my mam. Her breathing has improved and I'm feeling better. I suffer with very bad eczema on my hands. Have had it for years. Tried every hand cream on the market. There's a definite improvement.”

Grace Malone

“Great staff, service and pricing. 3 sessions in and already feeling the benefits.”

Ronan O Riordan

“I have mild COPD but in the bad weather my breathing will be bad. I went up to the salt clinic an after 2 sessions I feel great. The 2 girls are very helpful with explaining the benefits of breathing in the salt air. The room is so relaxing I nearly fell asleep. Anybody with breathing problems should go to the clinic an try it you won’t be disappointed”

Val Power

“I have tried this, it is a great help with my asthma.”

Mel Nulty

“I have COPD and have done 9 sessions in the clinic and from not being able walk without having to stop and breathe every 10 steps I am able to do my housework again I find it great I was also on 2 inhalers a day I now only use one, I find it great and the staff are also very helpful and nice.”

Anne Halle

“Fabulous place and great results, relaxation and healing combined, I love it.”

Catriona Flynn

“I made my first visit two days ago. I could see the benefits of The Salt Clinic couple of hours later. I started producing more mucus and my breathing improved. I am asthmatic and suffer from allergies. Itchy skin which is my issue due to allergies improved in one day. The place is also nice and relaxing so I would definitely recommend it. Staff nice and friendly as well. Would definitely made my visit by making an appointment again. There are also good deals (packages) in place.”

Filip Pavlek

“I have had a really bad sinus infection and a friend of mine recommended I try salt therapy. I didn't want to take another antibiotic so I decided to give it a try. At first, I was a little apprehensive but after my first session there was such an improvement in my sinus after three sessions everything has cleared up and no antibiotic was needed.
Apart from the health benefits it's such an enjoyable experience. The atmosphere is so relaxed and welcoming and the staff are so lovely.
I brought my 8-year-old son with me one of the evenings as he had a blocked nose and headache, he enjoyed relaxing, watching TV and the younger children dig in the salt. My son's headache and sinus were clear.
I am delighted to have discovered the salt clinic, such a brilliant service to have locally.”

Laura Devoy

“I would 100% recommend the Salt Clinic! I went to help with a reoccurring illness of Strep throat/Tonsillitis, I was only 2 days into my course of Antibiotics when I started my sessions and even after the first one I did not need to take anymore Antibiotics. I have done 5 sessions and it has cleared all symptoms! As well as the health benefits I love the relaxing atmosphere created in the Salt Clinic and the warm welcome from Sharon and June. Sharon gives you loads of information on the benefits of the Salt Clinic like the illnesses/conditions that it can help and how often to do sessions, which I found very helpful! I am looking forward to going back for more sessions”

Eimear Dunne

“I can’t recommend The salt clinic enough as both myself and my children have benefitted from the treatment. We have only done 3 sessions so far and I can feel the benefits from the treatment already having had very bad hay fever. Two of my children have eczema and bad hay fever. My little boy got a viral infection which left him with a severe allergies and rashes all over his body. He has benefited from the salt treatment having been on steroids, antihistamines, inhalers etc. The family room is fantastic with a Tv and toys for the children while also been relaxing and friendly atmosphere. My children look forward to the treatment. Staff are excellent, June was very professional and helpful in her advice and recommendations on the treatment for my children. They have a very good deals for treatments & family rates. What I also liked was the their first treatment is free, just In case the children don’t like it. Once again thanks to June for her warm welcoming every time we arrive.”

Therese Jordan

“A 5 star review does not do justice for how the Salt Clinic has helped me and my friends and family who I have marched up to Rathcoole. Beyond the therapeutic side, it's incredibly relaxing and everyone can benefit. The staff are professional and attentive and personable. I had painful on-going sinusitis for 2 years. Antibiotics, which I hate taking, did nothing for me and I felt the pain and pressure would never end. After the first session I felt better. Now, after ten sessions, I don't know myself. No pain. No pressure. I've rearranged my budget to make the Salt Clinic part of taking care of myself both physically and mentally. I cannot recommend the Salt Clinic enough. The results speak for themselves.”

Linda Nichulladh

“I brought my daughter here because she was suffering really bad from eczema/psoriasis. I have tried every cream steroid and shop bought. And used different washes for her and nothing was working. We did 3 sessions in the salt clinic and I was absolutely amazed at the results. I would really recommend people to come here for their treatment it's amazing.”

Pauline Bebbington

“My son loves coming to salt therapy, the room for children is fab and he has lots to do . After few sessions his awful repetitive cough is gone, his breathing has improved and he sleeps better. The staff are amazing and so helpful. I’d highly recommend!

Roxana Bardita