Hayfever & Allergies

An estimated 1.38 million people in Ireland suffer from allergies - hayfever being one of the most common. 

Also known as allergic rhinitis, with symptoms including sneezing, itchy eyes, congestion, runny nose and sinus pressures. 

The reason for the allergic reaction in hay fever sufferers is called an allergen. The most common airborne allergens are pollen, dust, mould spores, pet fur and fibres.

Symptoms of Hayfever

  • Coughing

  • Wheezing

  • Red, swollen itchy eyes

  • Sore throat

  • Frequent nosebleeds

  • Mouth ulcers

  • Heartburn

  • Irritability and depression

How The Salt Clinic Can Help

  • It is anti-inflammatory

  • It removes pathogen agents (airborne pollen)

  • It reduces IgE levels (which cause oversensitivity of the immune system)

  • It brings immediate relief

  • It can also prevent the frequency with which your symptoms reoccur

Salt Therapy is a clinically proven. It is also a safe and beneficial method of treatment for every age group from 6 months old.

  • Reduce the need for anti-histamine

  • Alleviate sneezing, coughing and shortness of breath

  • Clear mucus and phlegm from the lungs

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Prolong remission times

  • Improve general health and quality of life

How Often Should You Attend

  • Depending on age and severity, 15-20 sessions would be recommended for long term results.

  • With irreversible conditions, you may need to come for more sessions as you feel you need it.

  • Follow up sessions should be frequent, about 2 to 3 a week is suggested.

  • It is recommended that a 20-session package a year during Hay Fever season, and a smaller package is recommended before the season starts as a preparation (5-10 session)

In most patients, after a course of Salt Therapy the airways become normal and symptoms disappear. The treatment's efficacy is estimated up to 98%. Most clients do 1 to 2 Salt Therapy courses a year after. In between they might come back for some top-up sessions.


The Salt Clinic

"I can’t recommend The salt clinic enough as both myself and my children have benefitted from the treatment. We have only done 3 sessions so far and I can feel the benefits from the treatment already having had very bad hay fever. Two of my children have eczema and bad hay fever. My little boy got a viral infection which left him with a severe allergies and rashes all over his body. He has benefited from the salt treatment having been on steroids, antihistamines, inhalers etc."

Theresa Jordan

The Salt Clinic

"I have suffered with hay fever and allergies all my life. I play a lot of sport and I would be breathless after a few minutes of exertion. Since I started attending the salt clinic I haven’t used my inhaler once. My sinuses and lungs are much clearer after only a few sessions."

Michael Byrne

The Salt Clinic

"“I made my first visit two days ago. I could see the benefits of The Salt Clinic couple of hours later. I started producing more mucus and my breathing improved. I am asthmatic and suffer from allergies. Itchy skin which is my issue due to allergies improved in one day. The place is also nice and relaxing so I would definitely recommend it. Staff nice and friendly as well. Would definitely made my visit by making an appointment again. There are also good deals (packages) in place."

Filip Pavlek